Beyond My Brown

Recently I was told that I was too quiet and shy. It cost me at an interview and I can’t help to feel a bit slighted for my small voice and reserved demeanor. I spoke, I talked, I commented, was funny and witty, but I only use this one voice because it is what God gave me, and I’ll be damned if I am going to be shamed by it. I don’t want to be boisterous and loud and I find it slightly unattractive and less sincere. I honestly don’t think that there’s anything wrong with me, but I can’t help to feel that somehow there is something wrong that I was judged to strongly and not with the quiet contempt that would call for such a decision as putting me in a position for which I was qualified for.

How do you handle such comments about your very being? How can you see past what was obvious a shitty excuse for a reason to not hire you? Or maybe be with you as  a friend or lover? Sitting here alone I believe I have found my answer. I am alone, with no new job and only my thoughts to share with only those who care to see. Had I been more loud and outgoing, would I have that job and more friends to share my good fortune? I feel it may be worth a review, to have your comments and opinions.

I am heavily sorrowed…

Apr 6
too shy